23 February 2010

Things I've heard as of late...

-Oh, you're huge.
-Wow, you're belly really popped out there. (repeat x4)
-Oh, guess you can't hide it anymore. (Um, I wasn't trying too, but I just smile and say ha ha)
-Really starting to show... Really starting to stick out there...Really looking pregnant.
And Then
-You're how many weeks, oh you're still so small.
To which I said, "Bless you."

Honestly, I 100% do not mind the comments, keep em' coming! But, true or not, I could have given that last lady a hug. I feel giant, and I know that it has only just begun....
All for good reason though!
Also, I was thinking about how Taye and I talk about my big belly. And the thought occured to me that maybe I shouldn't have started that habit. I can just see him awhile after Baby Girl is born, looking up at me to say in his adorable voice "you have a big belly!" I'll just have to laugh, but at least he'll be honest :)


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

I swear, when I was pregnant I almost punched anyone that said the word 'huge' to me. :)

smile and nod (and then whine about it to the hubs) usually worked for me!!!

I think you look beautiful!

Melissa Gullberg said...

and with that said I want to see a baby bellly picture of you :) I wish I could come see you in person, but i'll take a good picture for now! love you!

オテモヤン said...
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