21 March 2010


A conversation with a lady at work, what a great way to start my Monday!
We will call my co-worker "Lady."
I enter building.
Lady: Wow, what happened to you!?!
Me: I laugh, put my hands on my belly and say, ha ha I know.
Lady: No. The last time I saw you, you were so cute and little. Lady uses hand gestures just in case I'm not following her all too clear words.
Me: Thinking, I'm not too sure what to say... I know, I've really popped out!
Lady: Are you having twins!?!
Me: Um, no.
Lady: Um... are you sure?
Me: Being very literal, feeling a bit defensive, and very sensitive. Yes. But, my sister is having twins and she looks really cute! So there! (don't worry, I just thought 'so there' and held my tongue)
I turned around sat at my desk and thought, I need to toughen up and get some thicker skin!
Oh, but wait there's more.
Speaking of twins, a co-worker (this time Man instead of Lady) thought it a great idea to tell me that I look like her, you know "Ugly Betty":
Only because I am more "fleshy" now while being pregnant. And again, he too used hand gestures showing me that by fleshy he meant chubbier in my cheeks. Thank you Man for making it even more abundantly clear.
Please know that I type these stories just shaking my head and laughing. I honestly don't mind when friends and family comment about my belly. Baby Girl is getting bigger, daily, which means I am too. I just think it is funny how some people describe my big ol' belly like it is taking over the world. And then there are the fibbers, I mean sweet people, who say "you don't even look pregnant." Um, yes I do. I hope I do. I would be greatly disturbed if at anytime myself or someone close to me was shaped like this without cause. It would not be right, there would definitely be something wrong.
Thankfully nothing is wrong, there is just one healthy Baby Girl growing and kicking away in my belly. But, heads up for any who are shocked by my size... I am going to get even bigger! Probably lots bigger, so you may want to brace yourself! I know I am :)


e said...

i just...don't understand.

Allie Watson said...

What is wrong with people. They need to learn that thing...what is it? Oh yeah. Think before you spew words outta your mouth. BTW, uh, you do not look like Ugly Betty. The character or the actress. LOL

Bridget Beth said...

gasp! Why do people think it's ok to talk about pregnant ladies' weight? You're even MORE sensitive when you're pregnant! I'm so sorry.

From the pictures, you look radiant :)

Stefanie said...

people are crazy! Who says these things??!?