14 January 2012

Christmas Crafts

This year (or 2011), in lieu of baking three million different cookies to pass out to our neighbors, I opted to just make a ginormous batch of Rocky Road Caramel Corn, and a small batch of Turtle Bark. My intentions were to simplify, but I failed to remember that the caramel corn is quite involved. I'm thinking next year Georgiana and I may tackle gingerbread and sugar cookies. Turtle bark on the other hand is dangerously easy, like so easy I want to whip up a batch and eat it all up right now. My pants appreciate that we do not have any pecans...
As for Christmas gifts, I successfully made two this year! I had so much fun making these, I am already making some more next week with my cousin. Knowing my love for my sander and my need to use my Cricut splurge item, my friend Lindsey emailed me this Sign Tutorial LINK. I pretty much followed her directions step by step, using the Cricut in place of her silhouette machine. Also, I discovered that if you already have a sander, it is much more cost effective to buy inexpensive pine wood at Home Depot than to buy 'pre-made signs,' aka sanded pine wood, at the craft store, they will cut it for you too! For these signs I bought 12x12" sheets of vinyl, but for the next projects I am going to try out the 30' roll of vinyl (possibly shelf protector?) that I found at the Depot. If it works, that too will be a money saver!

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Robica said...

Love the signs! Made one with our last name and est. date with my cricut too. YOu mention using the shelf protector next time? Are you referring to contact paper? If you're considering using the contact paper as a stencil and then paint over to get the "negative" image on the sign, be careful. I tried this method. A. the contact paper does not stick well (even used spray adhesive) and B. the paint easily bleeds through and I didn't get a very "clean " look on the letters. I hope that helps. :)