17 January 2012

Snow & Georgie Pics!

About 10pm Saturday night, my sweet little Georgie girl was hit with the flu. It took everything in me not to cry my eyes out with her as she bravely vomited more than I thought humanly possible. The sickness continued well into Sunday morning, Sunday late morning into the afternoon she slept on me for over 4 hours. Then, finally around 4pm, she was ready to go out in the snow for a few minutes!

These pictures are both from Sunday, our streets are MUCH more covered now! Our backyard is untouched, so Kelly and Georgie plan on exploring and sledding back there this afternoon :) I will probably take one more rest day. The flu hit me yesterday morning, and I can honestly say this is the worst flu I have ever had! Georgie and Kelly both rebounded pretty fast, and I am hoping that is the track I am on! I just uploaded a good 80 plus pictures, so here are some of my favs for your enjoyment!


Georgie loves to share her snacks and drinks with her baby dolls. I am often told throughout the day that baby needs "mo" milk or toast or "ray rees" raisins... Thankfully, the babies clean up quite easily.
It may be snowing outside, but per her request, Georgie has her shades on in the inside!

Her facial expression cracks me up, ha!

Doesn't she look so grown up in this picture!?!

A total toddler, sigh, where is my baby?

Stickers and a runny nose (during the ear infection days). Poor girl! But, it is amazing the smiles a few stickers can bring. We have officially reached the season of life that I check all Georgiana's laundry for stickers, and we all walk around the house with stickers on our faces and clothes. We also all (yes daddy too), walk around with hair bows of Georgie's choice in our hair. I am sure the day will come that I will find myself at Target with a hair bow and sticker on, if you see me, don't worry, I haven't lost my mind, I'm just the forgetful mommy of a toddler!

Georgie LOVES her kitchen. She's quite the little culinary queen, you know, baking cookies and everything :) She brought her bowl of snacks over to her kitchen and placed the animal crackers on her cookie sheet. I've found quite a few sippy cups in her refrigerator, I'm pretty sure she is convinced this kitchen is the real deal!

Dressing Georgie up just doesn't get old! This outfit reminded me of a toddler Audrey Hepburn picture that was circulating around last Halloween...

Georgie has access to the tupperware ish drawers in our kitchen. The other day she brought me a 32 oz nalgene water bottle and a small water bottle sippy type lid. She asked me to put water in it for her, at first I told her that it wouldn't fit... Silly mommy, I should trust my little Georgie girl. It actually worked quite well as the world's largest sippy cup! She carried it around for the better part of the day:


A to Z said...

She is soooo cute! Paisley puts her "stickies" all over her face, too!!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute I LOVE all the pictures. The one in the black and white dress where Georgie is leaning on the stool really looks like you Nicole at that age.
Love that Georgie Girl, Auntie Shell

Stefanie said...

so freaking adorable, as always!! Miss you guys!

kelsy said...

Loved all the pictures! I always love seeing little tiny kids bundled up till they're three times their size for the snow. :) It's fun to hear bits of Georgie Girl's personality too. Such a cutie! Toddlers are so stretching but SOoo much joy!! Hope you're feeling better!

CKSC said...

Cute girl!!! I loved seeing her (and you of course!) while I was up there...she has such an adorable personality. :)