24 August 2012

Bozeman Training Group LLC

For years, Kelly and I have bounced around different small business ideas. This past year we were finally able to really settle down on one idea, and over the last 6 months or so we have been busily working behind the scenes to announce the launch of Bozeman Training Group LLC. In a nutshell, the business offers firearms training, for the person who has never touched a firearm, to the super experienced person who wants all the pointers that Kelly has learned and taught throughout his career as a firearms instructor. He is combining what he taught the SWAT guys, with what he learned teaching me (his true guinea pig), and I think his instruction is going to be hard to match. But, of course I am not biased or anything :)
Our website is up and running www.bozemantraininggroup.com, the introductory handgun class kicks off this October, and we are beginning registration. It is super exciting to fill up the classroom spots and we are just enjoying the process of watching the business take form.
As a blog reader, if you are interested in a class, please be sure to mention the blog or promo code:BLOG, for 10% OFF.
If you are brand new to the idea of firearms, I guarantee you Kelly is the instructor for you. What feels like a bazillion years ago, I was an 18 year old girl trembling at the thought of shooting a bb gun. Now, I'm definitely no Annie Oakley, but thanks to Kelly's patience, I can somewhat hold my own at target shooting. He's been instructing as a police officer for years, and has taught dozens of our friends and family members. And, he would love to teach you!
Please pass the word along, and if you are on facebook, please 'like' us!

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Jessica said...

I emailed the link to Aaron so we can set up a class! By "we" I mean I'm considering it but am not too sure yet... but maybe. :)