19 August 2012

Just about 37 weeks pregnant.
Feeling so ready to hold Baby Levi, and feeling so not ready at exactly the same time!
The house projects list is almost comical right now. We have the nursery to finish (almost done, yay!!), but basically on a daily basis something is breaking around here. We just have to laugh. Here is the short list. Apparently I am a brute, because I find myself accidentally discovering most of them:
I turned the bathroom faucet off and found that the faucet handle was in my hand, completely removed from the sink.
The very next morning, I go to dry my hands on the my bathroom hand towel and the entire towel holder falls down. (a quick fix by Kelly, phew).
I opened our glass shower door, and the entire door came off the hinges (thankfully Kelly was able to fix it tonight!).
We were rearranging furniture and deep cleaning when we noticed a crack in our crown molding. Kelly took the piece off, and found water damage and mold... lovely. This one is still in the works, by the pros.
While I was brushing my teeth and literally thinking about all of the projects that are sneaking up on us, the bathroom light flickered out. Yes, an easy fix like the other bathroom ones, but it just makes the list that much longer.
I went to fill up my water bottle and I was attacked by projectile crushed ice. Regardless of the ice setting, our new ish fridge only shoots out crushed. I need to check our warranty...
Our inexpensive almost 3 year old lawn mower broke, so Kelly upgraded to a nicer one. Upon the inaugural mow, it left a trail of gasoline all over our yard. It too has since been replaced.
Levi's ceiling fan is shaking like crazy and I fear it is going to come flying down like a helicopter, it is apparently not the fan but rather the beam or something it is attached to. Fun times.
These things are all small and overall really don't take much time to fix. Unfortunately it mostly all falls on Kelly. I have reached the stage in pregnancy where my hip is audibly popping in and out of socket. It's fairly painful, and I am just hopeful that it will be instantly fixed after I have Levi. With Georgiana, I was literally up almost all night with severe hip pain before we went to the hospital, and upon her arrival it was totally healed. I am praying for a repeat rapid healing!
I need to take a picture of my ginorm belly. It has dropped! At this point with Georgiana, I felt like she was kind of stuck inside me and didn't want to come out. With Levi, I feel like he is prepping for his arrival. Could be wishful thinking... Nonetheless, it is a different experience, and I hope to have a few more things checked off the list before he comes, like completion of the mold removal and a few (or more!) frozen meals. If not, we will survive and joyfully celebrate his arrival. It would be nice if my doctor was back from Nepal... But we will survive that too I suppose.
Okay, probably a boring post. Sorry. And oops, I stayed up WAY too late, again. Yikes.


Jessica said...

Hilarious, Nicole. I would say it's you and your preggers strength but you always have been a little freakishly strong. ;) Love you- so excited.

Shower Doors Suffolk County said...

Jeez, sounds like a week in home improvement hell! But all for the prepping of a wonderful family, of course. Laugh it off, but if your strong enough to rip off the shower door even I'm a little scared! God bless, and good luck with the baby!

-Irwin Zinkin

cacfus said...

So excited to see Baby Levi!! Love his name. :)
It's amazing all those aches and pains that leave immediately after delivery! It's crazy. Hang in there friend. It will all be over soon! Praying for you all.

cacfus said...

Oh... Christy here. :)