12 January 2013

Sorry I haven't kept the blog updated with Kelly's status, or anything else for that matter. Of course after I blog that we are catching up with technology our internet decides to give us a few problems... But, nonetheless here I am.
And, I am SO happy to report that Kelly does NOT have the hereditary clotting problem and he is doing great. Last Wednesday evening we had a bit of a scare, his leg was extremely tight up into his thigh. But, by Thursday morning he felt fine. The doctor did an ultra sound and the original ginormous clot from Kelly's heel to his knee is now super super tiny. The doctor had to hunt it down and was almost speechless. He compared the graphs from the scan 2 weeks prior, looked over the notes and just said "this is interesting... not typical at all..." Kelly said, "so, it's a miracle." And the doctor replied, "well... yes, pretty much." We are praising the Lord and so thankful for all of the prayers and support, thank you!!
He will continue with his medicine and socks as planned, but what a change from just a couple of weeks ago. Phew.
In other news, my cousin Ashley arrived in Thailand this morning to teach. She started a blog, link HERE. Her first post already has me hooked! The Smith fam is going to miss her like crazy, but what an amazing opportunity for her!! I am excited to hear more about her adventures.
It looks like little Levi might be a baby fit model for Nordstrom. So cute and fun.
Georgiana and I went out to doughnuts and to the nail salon this morning with my aunt and grandma for my grandma's birthday. Georgie loved getting her nails done, she picked blue for her toes and hot pink for her nails. She sat on my lap and soaked up every second. It was so stinkin' adorable. My aunt snapped a few pics, I'll have to try and get them.
I am up way past my bedtime. And, just like I shouldn't say I am going to blog more and keep the blog updated, I also shouldn't blog about my baby sleeping through the night. Levi hasn't slept through the night since I posted that, I am hopeful that will change soon, no offense blog, but when it does I probably won't post it.

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