18 January 2013

These two, awake or asleep (aka dancing it up to Taylor Swift), keep us quite busy!!

 Discovering his tongue, ha ha! 

Before I snapped these pics, Georgiana informed me she was "breakin' out some dance moves!" 
Ashley (cousin), if you are reading this, your T.Swift CD is being well used. I almost have Georgie convinced Miss Taylor sings more than just track # 6, ha! Oh, and her new thing for any T. Swift fans, you know the verse "like we're 22," well there is a tiny little fan who sings "like we're 2," love it.


A to Z said...

Oh man! You have some CUTE kids!!! I really do agree with you, we need to get them together. Paisley and Georgiana would have a fabulous time together'

Ashley Cory said...

AHHH! I love this so much! Hopefully I can skype with you guys soon, I need to see these dance moves :)