12 March 2013

Georgiana's yelling "hey chickens!!"

Not looking for sympathy, because hey we're in Hawaii, but...
Yesterday was our travel day, our flight left 5 minutes early and arrived 45 minutes late, each minute is noticed when you are traveling with tiny people. But overall they did great! Levi is a quick eater, but HATES the hooter hider/nursing cover, so it was very much out of my comfort zone for a majority of the plane ride. But, our theme was we can do this, and it will all be worth it when we get there!
All 4 of us arrived in Hawaii, and we were informed our luggage decided to ride on another airline and would be delivered around 10:30 pm Hawaii time. Hmmm... okay. Thankfully, I thought ahead and packed all of the kids' clothes in our carryon, but I didn't think too far ahead because Kelly and my clothes were ALL in the checked bag. I'm not quite sure why it made so much sense in my head to plan ahead for the loss of the kids' clothes but not my own, lesson learned.
A pair of Walmart pjs and "slippers" aka flip flops later and we are good to go.
Ha ha, no not so easy. It is almost 7:00 am Hawaii time, our little ones are on WA time, so we've been up for three hours ish, and our bags never arrived. At the airport we were given a complimentary toiletree bag with a tube of Colgate smaller than my pinky finger. I thought it was ridiculously cute, now I find the one time usage ridiculously impractical.
Oh, and we are only on the rainy side of the island for a couple of days because a few days ago we were informed that the kids pool was going to be closed starting on the 14th. So, we rearranged and booked reservations at a different hotel. Well, although the entire island is on island time, no rushing buying our groceries (I ran in for a few items and was in the store for nearly an hour!!), it seems that the renovators for the pool were eager to start. The kids pool is roped off, drained and will not be entertaining us for hours. No worries, we bought the cutest little life jacket for Georgiana to splash in the big pool, oh that's right it's not with us yet. But hey, it's the one item on the island that we actually found being sold cheaper here than on the mainland, so we may end up with two.
Oh, and the sofa smells like the most musty old lady perfume and there was a neat magazine left on the coffee table (which anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about germy communal magazines...) anyway, it was left by the previous guests (which makes me feel like this place was cleaned immaculately, ha!) I would dare to enjoy it "Modern Luxury, Hawaii," it's giant and looks like Vogue in a weird way, but oh that's right it's the Japanese edition. No lounge reading going on here.
Please laugh with me and know that I am saying this with a smile on my face, knowing that I most definitely have nothing to complain about. Right now Kelly's on the Lanai with the kiddos chasing roosters while palm trees sway in the breeze and I'm looking out at God's beautiful Pacific ocean. So yes, life is rough, but I think somehow someway we'll pull through this :)
PS I love my mac book pro, but need to take classes or have a sit down with a friend. I don't even know how to cut/paste and I for sure struggle with uploading pics, hence the lack of posts lately.
Again, Aloha!!


Kirsten Leah said...

Command (the key wih the apple and weird symbol on it) + C is copy, Command+P is paste. Command+shift+3 is screen shot, or +4 instead of 3 for crosshairs to just select a portion.Those screen shots will save in your desktop. Two fingers on the pad and click is right clicking. Those are the functions I use most :)

I hope the rest of your trip goes more smoothly!

Kirsten Leah said...

My bad! Command+V is paste. It just occurred to me I told you the wrong letter.

Stefanie said...

Of course your trip to Hawaii would have ALL of those events... :) love you friend! Hope the rest of your trip is incredible!!