20 January 2014

December 2013

Well Hello 2014!
We are on the mend from 2 weeks of a nasty cold/flu/yuckyness. Georgiana missed school all last week, and today Levi was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Lord willing he will be feeling better soon, I am sure it would help his recovery if we could get him to actually swallow his antibiotics. Turns out he is the second one in our family of four who does not like chocolate. Our pediatrician said chocolate syrup hides the taste of medicine best, but even that did not do the trick. 
On a peppier note, I have a ton of December 2013 pictures to share. Beginning with pajama day for Georgiana's school. As I uploaded the pictures, Kelly was looking at them and said "When was that?" I said "Pajama Day..." Kelly, "I thought she looked really put together for the morning time." Our Georgiana usually has legendary bed hair! She thought it was pretty silly to not put on "morning clothes" for school.
 When she got to school one of her little friends had on matching pajamas, she was so excited!
 We had a fun little dusting of snow in December, Georgiana and Kelly were equally as pumped up about going out to play! Levi is not far behind them, he is constantly trying to keep up. Lately if he sees someone getting on shoes, he quickly runs to the mudroom and grabs his boots, this little guy is not going to be left out!
 I know this is a lengthy picture post, but if you have a little daughter/niece/granddaughter etc, pay attention to this: A Simple Wish in Puyallup. It is a house in downtown Puyallup turned into a Disney Princess teahouse/pre school/party place. We attended Belle's Christmas Party with friends from church and it was SO cute and the girls had a blast! They sang songs, did crafts, decorated cupcakes and each had special time with Belle. Georgiana informed me that she thought it might be a different Belle, but apparently Belle flew in from Disneyland. Needless to say, Belle was great and Georgiana was quite impressed. I was shocked by the crafts, one station was decorating red fairy wings to match a red tutu and headband that very much resembled Mud Pie products. Even if you live a ways away, based on our one experience, I would say it is worth the drive. If you need a little playmate to go with your daughter, I know a 3 year old little girl who would be thrilled to go back!

 Another fun day was baking with Grandma Grandma!
Georgiana was counting down the days until she got to bake with Grandma. She was so surprised that Grandma knew how to bake, she is slightly under the impression that Auntie Shell is the only who bakes, and that Grandma Lori bakes pies. I told her that Grandma Grandma is who taught shell how to bake, she replied with "that blows me away!" Georgiana doesn't care to bake much with me, she always lets me know that Grandma Lori let me... or Shell let's me do... I am not much fun I guess. Poor Grandma's kitchen was destroyed, but we had a great time!
 I wrangled this little guy while they baked. He is not a hyper boy, just a CONSTANTLY MOVING boy. He is the definition of busy.
 Tiny boot cuffs, custom made by a friend from church. Adorable. Now, if only I can get her to wear them. She wore them for this picture, but has refused ever since. She is extremely particular about her clothes, drives a mommy a little batty sometimes.
 Her belt was bothering her in the next picture, particular I say. I am learning to choose my battles.
 Hello blue eyes!
 His cheeks jiggle when he runs or toddles around. Ridiculously cute.
 Levi claps while sister dances. We jam quite a bit in the Smith house.
 Break it down tiny ones!
 To the left, left, to the right, right. Kelly is turning on the Christmas lights, but by the time he did the dance party was wrapped up.
 Daddy, let's make a crazy face!!
 Levi tackles us and gives bear hugs all the time, it's one of the best feelings ever to get bear hugged by a one year old.
 Another goofy Georgiana face, but a picture with both of their faces looking at the camera, victory in our book!
 I complete this picture post with a totally random picture from August 2013. I found it in my email today while cleaning out my inbox. Looks like I should do that more often!!
If you need to chuckle, just look at Kelly and Georgiana. The best part is, I have no idea if his face was intentional or not, ha ha!

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