21 January 2014

Target Tidbits.

I love Target. I shop there pretty frequently and yet, until December I was not taking advantage of two perks Target offers. The first is the now scandalously known Target Red Card. I signed up for the Target Red Card just before Thanksgiving, which allowed my information to be in Target's system just in time for fraudulent activity to occur on my account due to the big security breach shortly after Thanksgiving. As for now, my accounts are all back to normal, which brings me back to the question of why in the world did I wait until now to get a card!?! It is a debit card. 9.9 times out of 10, I shop with my debit card, so it really was a no brainer to get a card that saves me 5% every single purchase, and free shipping from Target.com. Free people. For me, it really was just a matter of remembering to bring a check into the store to sign up. So, do yourself a favor and put a check in your wallet and get a card :) 
If you just made a huge purchase, don't be bummed out, you have 3 days to bring your receipt in and sign up. 
Secondly, did you know that Target price matches!?! How did I not know this? Here is an example. I was debating on whether or not to get the Disney Princess Klip Klop toy for Georgiana for Christmas. I wasn't sure she would get $40 use out of it. I imagined Target would have a sale, but the $29.99 price still wasn't convincing me. Then, my aunt introduced me to price matching. Amazon.com had the klip klop for $24.99, I simply brought the toy and my phone to the customer service and they matched the Amazon price. My aunt had also forwarded me a Fisher Price coupon for $10 off the klip klop, bringing the toy down to $14.99. For getting up like a crazy person and spending over $75 at Target on Black Friday, I was given a 20% off my entire purchase coupon, so I added that onto the other savings, then there was the 5% from my red card, so in the end the $40 toy cost me $11.93. Between my two little ones, we will definitely get enough use out of it. Secretly, I love how the horses sound going down the ramps, impresses me every time, ha ha!
I hope this info can help you save money too :)

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