31 January 2014


Heads up, I am posting pictures below of my baby boy that may startle you a bit. He is doing SO much better, but definitely still on the mend. He had an allergic reaction (most likely to amoxicillin, but could have been chocolate or almonds), he's doing leaps and bounds better, but we will never ever turn down anyone who wants to pray for our little guy to be 100%!
This week has been:
SWAT call outs. 
No sleep for Kelly equals Kelly gets super sick with a nasty sinus infection.
Levi wakes up looking like he has the chicken pox on Wednesday.
Levi and Kelly stay home to rest while I take Georgiana to ballet.
G and I run some errands. I get pulled over for expired tabs. Lovely. 
First time being pulled over in 13 years!!
The cop and I pass the blame onto Kelly and call him on his cell, we all laugh :)
The entire family heads to the pediatrician's office. Confirm that Levi has polka dots, instructed to stop antibiotic and watch closely for 48 hours. Given instructions on what to watch for.
On the way home from pediatrician's office, get pulled over a SECOND time in the same day, also for tabs. 
Make plans to go to DMV immediately in the morning.
Morning comes and while Kelly is bringing Levi downstairs, Kelly says to me "Watch your tone."
I thought he was talking about how I was talking to Georgiana and I was a little weirded out, and then I saw my baby boy, I knew Kelly meant don't freak out hysterically:

 My baby was COVERED in hives all over his body and SWOLLEN. Scary swollen.
Georgiana said, "It doesn't look like Levi, but I know it's still him, it's still him Momma."
Kelly moved the carseats to his truck (that has current tabs) at the speed of light, and we loaded up to go to the Children's Hospital.
We were sitting ducks in morning traffic, so we turned around and got into our pediatrician's urgent care office.
Levi was a rockstar. Seriously, a champ. In total good spirits (except when he screamed for 7 minutes straight during his breathing treatment.
 He was obsessed with a medical supply catalog. We looked at it all day long. Yes 4 hours of picking out our favorite stickers. Puppies of course.
 Post breathing treatment. Totally exhausted.
 Graphic, and heartbreaking. 
 After peeing on a waiting chair, vomiting all over me and being an amazingly brave boy, we got to go home!!
Kelly and Georgiana spent the next 3 1/2 hours hunting down the proper medications. Our Target pharmacist deserves a medal.
 At bedtime, Levi was having difficulty breathing, so we loaded back up and had a quick visit with the pediatrician. We came home the owners of a rather adorable fire engine nebulizer and we were very relieved parents to know that Levi's oxygen levels were strong!
Today he was full of energy and his playful self. 
I went to the grocery store and came back to a baby turning red again (he was eating lasagna, his lips are read from the sauce). After some medication he once again is doing much better, but far from normal.
 We are exhausted, thankful, trying very very very hard to not be anxious, and just longing for our boy to look and feel like this:
 Big sister deserves props too, she has been SOOOO sweet to her brother. 

 And to her daddy when he was feeling extra under the weather.

 My little ballerina!

Never a dull moment.
Thank you LORD that you are in control. Thank you LORD for modern medicine and access to it. Thank you LORD for protecting our baby boy. I feel like I am holding my breath and will be sneaking into a bathroom to bawl at any moment. The word overwhelmed has lost it's significance to me. It's easier to just admit that I am always overwhelmed, always weak, and always in need of God's strength, not my own.

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Kelli Worthen said...

Nicole, as I sit here and read your blog, I too am reminded that God is Faithful! That God does our "OVERWHELMED", that God does our "NEEDS"!!! Thank you for your honesty! I love it!
As I was reading my Beth Moore Bible Study, and knowing that I'm too am waiting on the Lord, this Verse came to me, ""For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways," declares the Lord." Is. 55:8.
Love you Nicole! You're doing a great job of being "Mommy"! Kelli :)