09 February 2014

Georgiana's been asking people, "Did you watch the game??"
Then she follows it up with, "Did you hear we winned!?!
It's pretty adorable. She was super super excited about the Superbowl. 
She designed her hair and said it was "Beast Mode Hair!"
Here is her beast mode face, ha ha!
 And, here she is getting pumped up :)
 Levi was still not feeling the greatest on Superbowl Sunday. 
Thankfully he is back to his smiley easy going self, this picture is my unhappy, pathetic little shaggy haired boy :(
 Fast forward to today!! He's pointing and so so happy :) And, sporting his big boy haircut.
 He's been helping himself to snacks out of the pantry. 
His current favorite is Puffins cereal.
 Oh, and Georgiana informed me she is pregnant. She said her husband was on a SWAT call out, ha ha! Her baby kept falling out, so she had to switch to a smaller soccer ball. Her baby was born this afternoon. She named her Carrot. Her pretend husband is named Rake. Rake's been her pretend husband for months, he works a lot, so I've never had the pleasure of meeting him. She likes to use Levi as a stand-in, it will be interesting to see how long he is okay with this arrangement...
 And some snowy pics from the Smith Family Snow Day!
Georgiana was so excited to put a hat on the snowman, she was really really hoping he would come alive. Well, maybe he will at least walk momma! 
She's doing an arabesque in the pic :)
 Levi really did enjoy himself, I think he was crying because he didn't want to be still.
 Thank you to everyone who has checked in on our little guy. He is doing wonderful, healthy and strong! As Georgiana would say, he has no polka dots! Praise the Lord.
This week, we will focus on making progress in our kitchen. I very much look forward to not walking on sub floor and having a dishwasher that doesn't tip over every time I open it. Water leaks are not fun, but so far ours has been livable, and for this I am very very thankful.
Good night.

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