27 February 2014

Phone Pics of February!

Well hello blogworld. 
Here is a little recap of February as seen through the eyes of my phone pics.
Valentine's Day footie pjs. After seeing Levi sport footie jammies just about every night, Georgiana expressed that she would really like some. I thought for sure my girl who hates blankets on her feet would not be a fan once she tried sleeping in them, but much to my surprise, she loves them!
 We had a couple of firsts this month. My grandma and I took Georgiana to her first movie, Frozen. We lasted until the snow monster got pretty aggressive and then Georgiana was ready to evacuate the theatre. My grandma and I are still wondering how the movie ends, from the parts that I saw, I loved the movie and the music.
Georgiana's next first was planning a sleep over with my grandma, "Grandma Grandma" as Georgiana calls her. Georgiana was SO excited and she had a blast! She's only ever stayed the night at my aunt's when Levi was born, so I missed her like crazy!! But, I knew she was having so much fun and soaking up the one on one time with Grandma Grandma. My grandma is so hip she and I were texting pics back and forth, this is one we sent her:
 Georgiana's sleepover also overlapped with the few days that I worked at the Seattle Home Show. I helped out at my friends' booth and really enjoyed talking with grown ups all day, people watching and discovering the El Camion taco truck!! It is SO tasty :) By the end of day two, I missed my babies a lot, this is one of the pics Kelly sent me:
 This next one is quite blurry, Levi would not sit still for a picture, but I just love his little smirk! 
Little Levi fell asleep on our way to the grocery store after dance class, so Georgiana and I had to keep ourselves entertained while he napped, she was singing quietly and using her kite hat for a prop :) She picked out her own outfit and was quite proud of the pairing!
 Keeping in theme with picking out one's own clothes, Levi insists on wearing Georgiana's hat. This is not the first time, and I would be shocked if it was the last, and it seriously cracks me up!!
 The sunshine yesterday was SO wonderful. 
Pure joy!
 And then today, Levi awoke with some nasty virus. His fever reached 103 this afternoon, so to the doctor we went. He is sleeping (for now) and I hope this virus leaves as quickly as it came!!
 My view from the couch while snuggling Levi. Georgiana was a rockstar today, she played and relaxed with us and did not complain about brother being so needy. On a side note, although cute in the package, I will never again buy the Costco multi colored pack of socks. It's been months since I wore matching socks!
 Kelly said, "I never wish for Levi to be sick, but I am going to soak this up!!" 
Good Night.
He's up :(

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