30 March 2014

March Madness

I cannot believe it's been a month since I last blogged. I wasn't on an intentional blogging fast, I've just been distracted by life. 2014 has continued to be eventful...
I turned 31 this month. The morning of my birthday Georgiana informed me (much to her shock), that I still looked 30! Made my day. We took off to the little town of Leavenworth for my birthday, we stayed at The Enzian Inn, which I love so much. Ate out, walked around, swam, laughed and had a great time.  And of course enjoyed our breakfast complete with the alpenhorn show.
Earlier this month my friend Erin got married, what a gorgeous bride, seriously a beautiful happy couple. The joy in the room really was palpable. Every guest felt honored and elated to celebrate Erin and Timmy. 
I was so excited for the wedding, I even got a new dress and super high heels. A little note, if you plan on wearing heels and tights, I suggest doing a trial run. My feet were slipping out of my heels every single step, no exaggeration, not too comfy not at all. I am sure I looked like I had never worn heels before. Cest la vie. 
A smidgen earlier in the month than the wedding, Kelly was in a tussle at work (don't worry, Kelly won) and sustained a shoulder injury. According to the first doctor he saw, his shoulder should have healed itself in a week and a half. That was the same doctor that had him wear an arm brace 24 hours a day, yes including while sleeping. The second doctor had Kelly immediately take off the brace, so not to get "frozen shoulder," yep it's a thing, a real painful thing. Thankfully he did not have frozen shoulder, but the doctor's request for an MRI was denied by L&I. So, 3 1/2 weeks later, Kelly is still in constant pain, a pretty high level of pain, not fun. Kelly is going to a doctor of his choice this week and we are praying that he will get better and quicker medical help. 
Not to make it about me, because honestly he is miserable, but boy do I miss my teammate! Kelly is a hands on dad for sure, so it's been an adjustment to handle 99% of the diapers and pretty much any activity that requires two arms. He's been a trooper through and through, I am getting over a nasty sinus infection and he made dinner with one arm the other night, not too shabby. 
Even apart from being sick, I haven't been very motivated to cook lately, I was starting to beat myself up about it until Kelly reminded me that we pretty much do not have a kitchen to cook in right now. Oh yeah, I've gotten use to our sub-floor exposed, only two tiny sections of counter, watch out for poky nails water damaged kitchen. Hopefully soon we will have a normal functioning kitchen and then I can get inspired! But, as demonstrated with Kelly's claim, insurance timelines are often far different than our own. The good news is, after having a baby gate up for a month the kids learned not to go into the kitchen, so I was finally able to take the gate down and even my extremely busy boy stays clear of the sub-floor. He does quickly run on his tip toes to the one piece of tile on the sub-floor, he stands on the 12x12 square with the cutest little smile on his face. 
In spite of our month, colds and fevers mixed in the month too, the kids are overall healthy, giggly, curious, creative and doing amazing. Levi had his 18 month well check up, he was actually well for it Praise the Lord, and he is now in the 90th percentile for height! I am fairly confident that is a first in my family. He is in the 20th percentile for weight. I think he photographs chubbier because of his adorably big cheeks, they still shake when he runs.
Miss Georgiana Lee is growing like crazy too. She is not a toddler, she is a full on little girl. She has become quite the story teller, and watch out she is good! She is super social and constantly wondering why we are not hosting more playdates, she tells me not to worry about the sub-floor in the kitchen, mommy we won't play in the kitchen. She continues to love school and dance class and is my little helper. We were grocery shopping today and when I thanked her for being the best shopping buddy, she said "momma, I'll always be your shopping buddy, even when I'm a grownup!" Yes please Georgiana, I am holding you to it. 
They are growing up super fast. Life is challenging and pretty wonderful all at the same time.

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