30 March 2014

A few days of phone pics

I did a little March update in the post below, but a post just doesn't seem complete without some pics. So, here are a few phone pics from the last few days :)
Below, my "all boy" little Levi refusing to take off sister's princess Belle heels. He walks quite well in them. 
 I text this picture to Kelly next, one moment I turn around and he's wearing heels, the next he's wearing camo rain boots. He just likes shoes.
 Georgiana, being oh so P.C. "Mommy, I was making my hands brown, you know like brown people." Thank you crayola for being so washable.
 "Who's excited to go to the gymnastics field trip?"
Georgiana yelled me and threw her hand up, her little shadow was quick to follow.
 Cuddles with Kenzie. Kelly said "Kenzie" today and Georgiana said, "you mean Makenzie..."
 Georgiana snapped this picture of Levi napping in his carseat. I thought it was sweet.
 Not the most flattering picture of myself, but I said "Levi smile," and he made this face, LOVE love love his smiley face.
More pictures on the way. A whole month to catch up on!

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