30 March 2014

March 2013

Was this really a year ago!?!
 My girl who used to not like any sugar, ha ha!
 My dear friends who I miss like crazy, they moved to a sunnier place :)
 More dear friends, yikes has it been year since I last saw them!?! And look at my baby boys bald spot on his head! He used to rub the back of his head on his crib. 
 Meeting Erin's then boyfriend Timmy, they are married now!

 Jen, Kea, me, Lindsey and a little photo bombing from Brian. I think Ryan is responsible for the bunny ears.
 My little family and sweet Maggie!
 A year or so behind on blogging, some scrapbookers would say I'm ahead of the game. Some days, most days, I don't think I was meant for the post this now or it never happened era. The more I become okay with my pace the less stressed I get :)

I still have Christmas pictures to post, I may just have a Christmas in July post later this year...

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