07 May 2014

Surgery Update

Kelly's surgery went really well!
Thank you to everyone for praying for him/us, we so so truly appreciate it. 
There was a little more to do than the doctor could see on the mri, but even with that, the doctor sees Kelly making a full recovery!! Yay, Praise the Lord!!
For the next 6 weeks Kelly is not allowed to lift up anything over 1 lb with his right arm, otherwise he risks injuring himself, and the doctor said "it would be as the surgery never happened." Yikes! He has a follow up tomorrow, where we are going to get even more clarification on how to avoid a frozen shoulder and yet not overdo it. 
Georgiana overheard me talking about at "frozen shoulder," she gasped "like Elsa?"
I leave you with this little tidbit from the recovery room...
Recovery nurses must have some of the best stories. When I was able to go back to the recovery room to see Kelly, I sat in a chair beside him and noticed he had crumbs all over his chest. I started to brush them off and clean him up a bit, I said "Were you eating something?" (Assuming the answer would be yes, otherwise someone was snacking over him while they operated...) He said "Yes, graham crackers."
Me: "Do you even like graham crackers?" (In the nearly 10 years we've been married and the 4 before that, he's only ever eaten graham crackers around a campfire, and even then it is few and far between.)
He replied, "They are more expensive than the saltines."
Ha ha, "What?"
Fairly seriously he said "Don't wanna fill up on the cheap stuff."
Good thinking Kelly, go for the spendy crackers. Are graham crackers even more expensive?? 
He's been fine eating Ritz at home, seems he reserves enjoying the fancy grahams at the hospital.
Good night :)
Above: Pre Surgery Happy Meds.

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Stefanie said...

So happy surgery went well!! I'll be praying that he can live the fine line of recovery without a frozen shoulder! Hopefully he won't have to worry about the spendy snacks again anytime soon!