04 June 2014

Well, Hello!
I get bummed when I look back at my blog archive and have a month with only one blog, but the truth is, sometimes I just can't keep up with it. Like last month. Many moons ago (when I first started blogging), it seemed that if I wasn't blogging then I just simply didn't have anything to say. Oh how the times have changed, now a lapse in blogging usually means my brain could most definitely benefit from  a little blogging release.
So here it is folks, a little catching up to speed. This will be a picture-less post, but I will update with pics just as soon as I can.
Although Kelly's surgery went well, his limitations, such as not being able to lift anything over a pound, have equaled him staying at home for his recovery for 6 weeks. Which means he is still at home. We love having him home, we've been warned and teased that we will probably drive each other crazy, which although we do not live in wedded bliss, we really have enjoyed all the loads of family time together. He's been diligently doing his physical therapy exercises twice daily, but we learned yesterday at a follow up doctor's appointment, that the 3 times a week physical therapy appointments and at home exercises simply are not getting the job done. So, he has a month to get more mobility or he is going back under (anesthesia) so the doctor can manipulate his shoulder and break through scar tissue. Lovely. It is a very difficult recovery because one moment he is warned like crazy not to over do it at all, otherwise he risks undoing everything the surgery fixed. The next he is told to push himself further. It's hard to make your arm reach for things when you are not allowed to grab or hold anything. It's a blind balancing act.
Let's see, what else…
Oh, May 14th, we celebrated 10 years of marriage!! The day was, well hmm… The day was one where we were able to check off "in sickness and in health." It was basically not at all how we would have pictured ourselves spending the day, but you know what, oh well. Lord willing, we will start the tradition of making the 11th anniversary a big deal :)
As Kelly got a few weeks post surgery and life began to become a smidgen easier, the kids got pink eye infections and Georgiana got an ear infection. So, that brought us back to survival mode. Then let's see, we hosted Georgiana's family dinner birthday party. Her birthday is June 9th, but some of our family is going to be out of town, so we celebrated early. It was a Frozen extravaganza. Family birthday dinners are usually just that, family, dinner and some cake, but my mini-me is quite the party planner and was involved and excited in every single detail, so it turned into a lot of work! Lesson learned: keep the family dinner and friend party theme the same.
This week, we are preparing for Georgiana's friend birthday party, yee-haw!!
She is wrapping up preschool, yes tears by all. Is every school year going to be this emotional!?!
Dance pictures, continued kitchen repairs (if you are wondering why our kitchen, FIVE months later is not repaired, just simply imagine a scenario where literally every single possible delay with the insurance company occurs, and well that is our life), oh and I am sick this week. Yep, like something nasty was sleeping in me and woke up in a violent way. Classy.
In the midst of our survival mode-ish life, we are looking forward to many fun things. Lord willing, the end of June I get to head down to Los Angeles for a few days to play a role in a feature length film, woo hoo!! Now, once I get my voice back I need to spend some serious time working on my Minnesotan accent (too charactery, not real enough, how do I say…). Hopefully, Kelly will be able to lift little Levi and peacefully lay him down in his crib by then. The plan is for mommy to go solo, so that I can focus on working. The other day, I was in the bathroom when Levi woke up from his nap, Kelly went into his room and Levi had a freak out tantrum! Kelly was really taken aback and I reminded him that he hasn't been able to get Levi out of his crib since February, which is like years in baby time. So, we are going to have to send Kelly in before me a lot more before the end of this month! That being said, I still think Levi is going to have the most difficult time when Kelly does return back to work. Kelly will leave for a doctor's appointment and Levi cries at the door for him, he will bring me my phone and say "daddy, daddy, daddy!"
Little Levi is up, so off I go, posting this without even reading it through, otherwise I fear it may remain a draft indefinitely.
Happy Wednesday blogworld!

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