05 June 2014

Georgiana's Frozen Family Dinner!!

The birthday girl requested a BIG cake! So, I thought Costco would fit the bill. 
Per Georgiana's request, it said "Happy Birthday Georgie-Elsa!"
 A few minutes later, adding some blue sugary sprinkles, white pearl sprinkles, 15 minute homemade candy (that took me nearly 2 hours to make a few nights before the party), a few Frozen characters strategically displayed (birthday girl requested Hans be laying down as though Anna punched him and the wolf was contemplating eating him), yes wolf, we had to add that, shockingly the Disney Store didn't include a wolf with the principal characters :)
 Georgiana's ice castle!
 Glittery Hobby Lobby 'G' and gold snowflake ornaments from our Christmas decorations. Oh, and blue lights in the fixture. 

 Oh Sven (miniature chocolates), Snowflakes (yogurt covered pretzels), Icicles (rock candy sticks). The other side of the dessert buffet had Sven carrots in a vase, Snowballs (Marshmallows) and Frozen themed fruit snacks. 
 The number 4 and some cricut snowflakes. 

 I ordered the Frozen balloon off of Amazon. When I had it inflated at Fred Meyer it drew quite a bit of attention. I thought, oh boy I am going to be in the news "Mom gets mugged in grocery store parking lot for Elsa balloon."
 Yes, that's a Sven shirt.
I love this picture!
 Our birthday girl!!
 Little Olaf :)
 Drinks. Snowcap punch and pink lemonade.
 Cousin Macy dressed up as little Anna, adorable!!
 Lots of playing outside!
 And… the piñata!

 It was a big hit (punny I know).
 Oh my word, my Georgiana Lee just steals my heart in every picture. Gorgeous on the inside and out. 
 Kelly, pretty excited to reveal Georgiana's big girl bike! I mean, motorcycle.
 Cousin Ashley, they sang "ride our bike around the halls!"
 Family pic :)

 Look at how the ice castle candy just folded backwards. It was like a captive orca's fin, the base was strong, but it just bent right over. My birthday girl didn't mind, so I just practiced the family motto of "go with the flow!" Entertaining is so much more enjoyable for me when I don't expect everything to be perfect. Look at her smile, mission accomplished.

 Kelly and I cut about 20 snowflakes by hand before we realized the cricut does a mighty fine job. 

 Last day of school. Georgiana requested that we all wear our Frozen gear again. So of course we complied.
 Levi, praise the Lord he is healthy. He is just thriving. He's sturdy and strong and chatty and playful and cuddly and doing so well. He put in a rough stretch, but he's been doing so well the last couple of months. Yay!!! Now, if we can just get him to stop using his hair as a napkin...
 On our way to dance pictures, she was super excited to wear makeup!
We still call her our little smarty arty orange. Even today her teacher was talking about how articulate Georgiana is, she said she is a very well spoken little lady. It warmed my heart like no other to hear her teacher also say that Georgiana is just absolutely sweet. Phew. My little sweetheart is a spunky, outspoken, leader type of sweetheart, which in truth can make a momma worry that she may not always come across as absolutely sweet. Georgiana if you are older and reading this, I mean that in the best way, I wouldn't change her drive or independence, I love her strong will, it's just really nice to know that she is so sweet and caring to others at school. I'd much rather the discipline times be at home. 
I love to talk birthday parties and entertaining. So, if any questions pop to your mind, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you!
Not being on Facebook, I must admit I miss all of the blog interaction when I would post a link from the fb page :) 
Goodnight blogworld. 

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Stefanie said...

Georgie-Elsa!! Love it!! Please let us get together again soon! The party looked amazing and I'm so sad I missed it!