17 June 2014

Today marks the first day in nearly 2 1/2 weeks that no one has had a fever or had to take an antibiotic!! Praise the Lord oh my soul. Lord willing we are on the mend. 
Georgiana drew the above picture for our cousin Makenzie. She worked on it at her easel and then proudly brought it to Kelly and I. My heart just melted. I love her artwork. And, I love that she calls each one a masterpiece!
This past weekend we went to Cheney, WA to watch and cheer on Makenzie at her college graduation, woo hoo!! I absolutely love celebrating my family, and even with a 103 degree fever, little Levi was a trooper and managed to enjoy himself quite a bit. He slept in my arms during the 9:00 am graduation. Sweet baby.
 Georgiana was on cloud 9, make it cloud 100 the entire weekend. Makenzie graduated high school the year Georgiana was born, so she has very seldom got to spend much time with both girls at the same time. She will tell you that she is speechless about them both being home for good. Well, until Makenzie heads to her Disney internship, how cool is that!?! I won't explain that to Georgiana quite yet. And yes, she wore her Elsa gown to the graduation. 

 We are slowly but surely making progress, at least plans of progress for our home. We were excited to use Second Use of Seattle for salvaging our floors and tile and donating them to Habitat for Humanity, but I just got off the phone with one of the salvage guys and our floor boards are too short. Bummer. So… if you would like approximately 800 square feet of 3/4" maple hardwoods and are able to remove them without damaging our baseboard, come on and get them. By the way, I am 100% serious. If you have a use for them, they are yours!
Here is a sneak peak of some of the colors we are leaning towards. A grey/brown floor and lots of white tones. I am tossing around the idea of a mosaic tile for the fireplace, but I'm not sure...
 White subway tile backsplash and possibly quartz marble looking countertops. I am anxiously awaiting some other countertop bids, so we shall see.
Kelly is the main diy-er on this project and at today's doctor's appointment he was prescribed two more weeks at home. He was told to rarely lift 3 lbs, not to exceed 5 lbs. Um, is it just me, or are these instructions just a bit difficult to abide by? I'm thinking we should invest in a scale and some sticky notes. I can go around and weigh everything in the house and then mark everything he is aloud to lift :) So, needless to say, we will be living on plywood for a good while longer, I'm just guessing, but I'm pretty sure the cabinets and nail gun both exceed his limit.

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