17 July 2014

Blog Break

My blog breaks are never intentional. In fact, I always get bummed when so much time passes without a post. But, here we are. I just uploaded a couple hundred pics from my phone, and I thought I'd share a few with the blogworld. There are many things that still warrant their own post entirely (Georgiana's friend party, her first dance recital, Allie and my California adventure, kitchen remodel aka diy craziness, and just life in general). However, I don't know when those posts will come, so for now, I give you…
Levi with a giant green ball that he insists on bringing everywhere!! This is my view from the shopping cart, often. We didn't buy this ball the day I took this, he just carries it with him everywhere. It is a rare sight to see Levi without his crocs or his green ball. The little man knows what he likes, and mommy has learned to pick my battles!
 Mom jeans! This pic was taken at the Gap in LA. Allie and I were across the store from each other, so I sent her this to get her opinion. I went for it and bought two pairs! I haven't worn them in the great NW, but I wore them around LA. Why do I feel so much braver with my wardrobe in California!?! Perhaps it is because I am 100% positive I would be the only person in my fair city sporting this look, I don't care to stand out, and in LA I just blended right in. I should have asked my cousin Ashley if I could borrow some of her Thai lounge looking pants, then I would have really fit in! MC Hammer take two was all the rage in LA. 
We've been friends since we were 8. So, basically forever. This trip was perfect.
Santa Monica, CA.
 Kelly sent me many pictures of the kids, I LOVED seeing my babies smiling. They did great, which made it SO much easier for me to be away.
 See, I wasn't kidding.
His own personal air bag.
He rode like this for 1 hour and 15 minutes on the 4th of July. Not one complaint. Every car on the freeway would have been able to hear him complain if we didn't let him have this!
 Elsa hair with an Anna piece braided in (it's just a barrette), she is still quite the Frozen fanatic.
 See, I wasn't just a kidding.
The day that our check finally arrived from the insurance company, we found out that our contractor got so booked that he could no longer do our project. So, we decided to see how far we could make our kitchen cash go, and we now have diy projects coming out of our ears. Thankfully, Kelly's dad and brother are a huge help and wealth of knowledge. Otherwise, it is trial, error and youtube.
 He's discovered popsicles.
It only took watching sister eat two, before he decided to get over his anti popsicle attitude.
 His smile is cracking me up in all of these pictures, I should probably remember to take some without saying "Levi smile!" But, I just love his squinty little face :)
And, this is what I walked into the others day after stepping out to rotate the laundry.
We have finally decided on using our 4th bedroom as a Creative Space. I guess it is living up to it's name!
 4,500 pounds of flooring!! 
After all the unpacking and stacking Kelly's shoulder was in quite a bit of pain, but the good news is he no longer has frozen shoulder. Thankfully it was a mild enough case that he didn't have to "go under," and although he didn't tell his physical therapist what he was up to in the evenings, he managed to break through a lot of scar tissue. He laid low with his shoulder for a few days after this giant unpacking job!
 Little Smith's in their Sunday best, and Levi's smile, ha ha!
 Look, he can reach his arm up to the ceiling!! Big day people, big day :)

 First coat of paint and me looking really spiffy in my mask.
Lord willing, we will actually have countertops by Monday. This is huge, the water leak happened January 21st, I've only had the little square behind me in this picture and a similar size next to the sink. It reminded me of cooking in a camping trailer, but I got used to it. So much so, that when Kelly and Cory set the cabinets, Kelly and I both had to really think about the correct order. I'm pretty sure Levi has no memory of having a fully functional kitchen. I cannot wait to have people over for dinner, soon, soon I hope!

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