02 August 2014


Miss Georgiana Lee must have borrowed my phone, because I had roughly 110 doll pics!
It seems she had a photo shoot with Elsa and Anna.

 In other news, we've continued to be hard at work on our downstairs remodel/update. 
Here, Kelly was working on the final demo before our new countertops arrived.
He cut down our raised counter/bar, and we love how open our kitchen feels!
 I was pretty excited when the truck arrived with our quartz countertops. It's been since January 21st since we've had a fully functioning kitchen. Too many french fries and pizza runs, not the greatest year for my waistline!
 But, I am hopeful our updated kitchen will be great motivation to whip up some healthy meals!
 Our countertops were installed on a Sunday, as soon as the truck pulled away, we loaded up and all headed to the tri-cities to tag along on Kelly's work trip. He was attending a conference, and the plumber wasn't going to install our faucet until Friday, so off we went. It's a little tough to be without a kitchen sink. 
The kids and I tried to stay busy while Kelly was working, Georgiana did her favorite pastime, working at her desk as she called it:
 Levi decided he needed a space all his own too. He opted to use it as more of a kick back and relax location. He's usually pretty chill :)
 It also worked great as a little reading spot.
 My little buddies!
 We explored parks, went swimming, attended the best library story time, 
 and napped!
 Oh, the little Smith's also enjoyed Disney Jr. We do not have regular tv at our house, so this was HUGE treat. It also allowed me to take a shower and not worry that they were bouncing off the furniture and getting injured. Turns out tv sedates children, and in this case that worked for me! It's an entirely different experience being in a hotel and traveling around town with just mommy. Daddy was majorly missed while he was at work. 
 I have no idea who that cute little boy is, he smiled when I asked Georgiana to smile :) The library has a beautiful garden next to it, and the story time was lead by master gardeners and they took the kids outside to teach them about pollination and gardening. I learned a bit too, ha!

 Off to the pool and to explore!
 We went to 20 minutes of a $1 movie, then the kids were ready to move on. 
 Dining out solo with two cuties.
Do not be fooled by the smiles, it was chaotic and massively stressful at times. Other times it was as fun as this pic portrays, but boy oh boy am I seriously thankful to God that I have Kelly as my teammate. I was exhausted by the end of the day.
 I couldn't get over the constant hand holding. 
 And book reading.
Love it.
 Levi was not feeling the pic this morning. He had the teething grumpers.
Georgiana was wearing shorts.
And they are matching.
The Children's Place gets me every time, $2.99 and up sandwich boards outside the store. $50 later, I am shocked at the register and have no idea what I even bought. Fallen prey again, it's the "and up" that gets me!
 Thursday afternoon, it was right back to reality:

 This next pic is blurry, but Georgiana wanted to take a pic of me. She had me pose several different ways. She and I were cleaning out my closet while Levi napped. I took almost everything out and rearranged, this was mid process.
 Levi was very happy to return back home to his "ing ball" aka green ball. It accompanied us on our afternoon walk around the neighborhood and berry picking. 
 Georgiana thought she was quite clever hiding in these bins, can you spot her little finger poking out?
 The kids and I spent a lot of time upstairs, this was our view of Kelly and his dad:
 Georgiana did some drawings. 
This one being her favorite.
Oh dear, she is a Smith.
 I tried my hand at tiling. My brother in law is letting me borrow his tile cutter and here is a pic of some relief cuts I made to cut out the tile for an outlet. The jagged edges will be covered by the plate cover. Makes me think of 8th and 9th grade shop, I think Mr. Volk would be proud, ha ha :)
 Slowly but surely. Emphasis on the slowly.
 More Progress!
 The playroom is back in session, and the couch is still in the dining room, but the end (of the flooring project) is in view.
 Early morning grocery shopping and doughnuts. 
 And, just because things were going too smoothly and positive. 
Little Georgiana Lee had an allergic reaction (most likely from the construction dust). Poor dolly was quite swollen. 
 Scared me quite a bit!!
Praise the Lord she is all better now.
 And, she was well enough to still get her pic taken with the pirate. 
She's been looking forward to this since last year!
 Oh, and K. Smith split his chin open on the very last board he was taking out of the family room.
He didn't get stitches.
He should have.
Never a dull moment.
Good night :)

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