08 September 2014

My TWO year old!

Levi is TWO!
My little baby boy is two. How did this happen??
He melts me. Every single day.
His squinty smile.
 His forced smile that totally cracked me up!
 He's playful and will not be left out for sure! He makes sure he is doing whatever sister or his big cousins are doing. Yet, he's funny, he still would much prefer that I feed him, even though he is completely capable of using his fork or spoon himself. He jumps a lot. When he's excited he is bouncing around like Tigger. He is speaking quite a lot too, he still uses his own vernacular, but it's growing all the time. Bubbles still means water and boogdah bagduh is football. Yep, 100% consistently boogdah bagduh. He says basketball and baseball clear as day, gotta love the boogdah bagduh. He still refuses, would throw a fit of all fits, to wear any shoes other than his Crocs. His crocs were developing quite a fragrance, so I am quite thankful that I was able to convince him to let me buy him a new pair today! Praise the Lord, he is quite proud of his Batman Crocs :)
He loves stuffed animals and balloons and packs a book with him almost everywhere we go. 
He's cuddly and gets heartbroken when I try to lay him down in his toddler bed, he much prefers "mommy daddy bed, mommy daddy bed." I'm a bit of a pushover, so I have quite the challenge ahead of me to get him sleeping in his room again. He needs a big boy bed, so that is on the to do list. 
In some ways he is so chill and in others he is the polar opposite. I never thought my 2 year old boy would have such strong opinions on his wardrobe. I bought him the most adorable bow tie and suspenders to wear at his birthday party. There was no way in the world he was going to let me put them on him. The basketball shirt it was. And, just the shirt. No shorts. My birthday boy ran around all day in just a t-shirt and spiky hair. 

Playing with his cousin Carter, probably my favorite pic of the day. Look at his smile!
Oh, and big news…
We finally got a pet!

It's a $2.00 Baby Beta Fish and my little ones are beyond thrilled!
They named him Mickey Mouse Fish. Georgiana kissed the little cup he came in and washed her hands before she fed him because she didn't want her germs to make him sick. She's asked that we not talk loudly by the fishbowl and she told Kelly that he needed to backup because the fish had never seen him before, so he might be startled. Ha ha, it's serious business taking care of a fish :)
Georgiana also informed me that we should be careful to follow all of the rules and that the fish probably wasn't too scared on the drive to our house because after all he had to go for a car ride to get to the pet shop. Good thinking Georgie girl. And Mr. Levi, well, he could just stare at his fish forever. He tasted the fish water and it about made us both throw up and then he brought down a ladle (from Georgiana's toy kitchen), filled with water to add to the fishbowl. The lady at the pet shop said Beta fish are durable. I sure hope she is right. My kiddos are so excited to love on this fish, poor thing is going to have to be strong. I asked Kelly to take a picture of the fish in case I have to send him a text asking him to pick up a new one. The kids are already attached, and although I will do my best to care for it, if I find him belly up I will just quietly replace him. Shameful, I know.

 Good night :)

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