07 October 2014

Levi had his two year old well child checkup on Saturday, he is 36 1/2" tall and weighs 27 lbs! He is still in the 90th percentile for his height and the 30 ish percentile for weight. If the wives tale is true (doubling a child's height at the age of two), then Levi will be 6' 1" when he is grown, Georgiana will be 5' 7". We shall see…
Levi also got his blood drawn for an allergy screening, and praise the Lord, he tested negative for all of the food allergies in the screening! So, it looks like it was penicillin for sure that caused his super scary, yucky, don't want to ever relive it again allergic reaction in January. I am so thankful, I just feel like a penicillin allergy will be a lot easier to protect him from than a food allergy. Peanut butter is allowed back in the Smith house, pumpkin shaped peanut butter cups here I come!!
He picked out a blue lollipop and we decided to let him go for it. I was not a fan of his blue lips, but Kelly asked me to snap a pic. Levi felt pretty cool with his big boy candy!
After his doctor's appointment, we headed to Gig Harbor for the early afternoon. 
I have myself convinced that I would like to live there. I miss the water, relatively speaking I do not live far from the Sound, but compared to a few minutes away or seeing it daily, I definitely miss that!
We then went to Tristan and Tatum's birthday party. Georgiana got a cross airbrushed on her arm, and she was quite convinced she had never had anything so amazing on her arm! The next morning, she said "Allie is so sweet, I wish I could see her everyday." Me too Georgie girl, me too.
Sunday was church, a rare nap and a delicious roast dinner. 
While I napped with Levi in my very messy room, Georgiana and Kelly were sorting hunting gear and cleaning up the garage. When I woke up, Georgiana told me that some of our friends stopped by to pick up a tool. She said her little friend had to use the bathroom, so she very proudly told me that "I showed her the bathroom (we are still without a downstairs bathroom, so the kids' bathroom upstairs), my room, my fish AND my momma!" 
What!?! I thought I had heard the door open, but I figured Kelly was just grabbing something out of our room. But, no, that would be my Georgie girl giving the grand tour to her little buddy. She told me she whispered and pointed to the bed "that's my momma!" Her friend said "that's your mom??" Georgiana replied, very proudly, "yep!" 
Oh my word. Thankfully the rest of the house was semi orderly, but I have a genetic condition that causes my bedroom to quickly accumulate with obscene amounts of laundry and randomness. Even when the rest of the house is spotless, my room is, well it is usually not. I can only imagine what her little friend thought, seeing her momma just sprawled out on the bed in the middle of the afternoon amidst chaos of clothes!?! I seriously nap less than 3 times a year, and yet there I was in all my splendor. Poor little friend is probably traumatized.
Cest la vie.
In other news, Kelly is feverishly working on getting our floors 100% finished and our downstairs bathroom in working order. Tonight he was putting hardwood flooring in our mudroom area, which is more like a hallway ish style with a bench. Anyway, the nail gun was echoing extremely loud, so he wanted the tiny ears in the house protected. 
Not so shockingly, we happen to have ear protection for the whole fam.
So, here we are making smoothies. Just another day at the Smith house.

 They make me laugh SO much!!
 I am off to work on a Norwex order. I reactivated my account, so if you are interested in ordering anything, just let me know!

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