13 August 2015

This & That

Oh those curls!! 
My hair doesn't hold a curl at all, so I am still amazed at my Georgie girls hair. 
It just dries like that, I am in awe, ha ha :)
But, of course life isn't all cute curls and silly faces. 
Here's little Levi trying to convince me that, "I'm not sick mom! I'm not!"
"When are my Keiton, Carter and Macy coming over?"
He wasn't too happy that his play date was cancelled, but I just didn't think having cousins over to play while he was battling the stomach flu was such a good idea. I tend to follow the guidelines from Georgiana's school, which are not going to school within 24hours of having a fever or throwing up. So, yesterday morning when Levi started his rounds of bodily fluid, I knew we were basically housebound for two days. Not fun, at all...

 Thankfully, he felt great today, and by this afternoon I decided to get us out of the house! It's amazing how quickly cabin fever sets in when you feel like you can't leave. Lord willing, we will be closing on our next house the end of this month, we sold our last swing set before we moved, so we decided to get a Sam's Club membership to buy our next swing set. The swing set is like the kids' reward for enduring what has turned into a Spring & Summer of moves. They are calling the next house our "Forever House." It really is the first house that we are moving into, that we do not have a time frame in mind, and that is a wonderful wonderful feeling. Of course, we found our "Forever House," 10 days after moving into a rental with a one year lease. Yep. So... If you know of anyone looking for a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath rental house, walking distance to parks and restaurants/shops/etc, PLEASE send them our way!
Anyway, back to Sam's Club. I had never been in one, but I was pretty excited about the deal we scored!

 (Doesn't Levi look WAY too grown up!)
I found two vertical gardens for $18.81 each, I am not sure if I am going to use them for flowers or herbs or strawberries or...
 But, I am excited nonetheless.

It's a strange feeling to not feel rushed with decorating our home. In the past, I have graphed out the rooms and started extreme day dreaming about the spaces. This move feels like I have time to figure things out. We shall see how lackadaisical I am once we are in our home, but for now I will embrace the feeling and the sleep.
Goodnight blog world. 

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