15 December 2015


Going from a rental house to buying another home proved to be a somewhat confusing concept for our little guy. In order to put his sweet heart at ease we explained that we do not have any more moves planned, thus was born the hashtag foreverhouse. It frequents my instagram and I love it all the more because it was coined by my cutie patooties. Although I enjoy the ease of instagram, the preservation of memories and getting to checkout posts of friends (many former bloggers). I still miss the journaling aspect of the blog. Sometimes I go back and read my posts from years ago and I relive memories that have otherwise faded and I am thankful that they are captured in my very tiny speckle of the web. 
My baby girl started kindergarten this past Fall. Kindergarten!! All of the cliches are true, I simply blinked. Yet, I am still a firm believer in the "the days are long the years are short" phrase, particularly when taking care of tiny ones. Georgiana is thriving and loves school, which makes it a teeny bit easier dropping her off. I am quite convinced the book If I Could Keep You Little was written for me. Kelly and I are pretty sure we would like to put a stop to all the growing and keep the little Smiths little. Levi is leaps and bounds past toddling and is our full on big boy. He is my little buddy while sister is at school, he tells me often that "Georgie and me miss each udder(other) when she's at school." He's usually ready to go pick up his Georgie about an hour after she is dropped off. He is the definition of sweet and sensitive rounded out with strength and stubbornness. I am totally biased and unashamed of it. I am enjoying them both so much, my ballerina and my busy little boy. 
I've only been a mommy for 5 1/2 years, but I feel like I've already gone through so many different phases of parenthood. With kindergarten I feel like it is definitely a new one. School and activities and homework and already fighting for time to have family dinners. It came so much earlier than I imagined, I felt anxiety as Fall came in full speed ahead, I felt like holy cow how do I juggle this and how do I get more time with my baby girl?!? But, like the seasons before, sleep deprivation, nursing, potty training etc, you just get through it and settle in. School is different though, it feels like a treadmill that we got on and it isn't going to stop, you just keep going. More than one mom told me they felt like it was kindergarten-blink-high school graduation. That only fanned the flames of my anxiety. Thankfully, I've realized that is not completely the case and it is going well. 
My Georgie girl just snuggled up to me and now my thoughts are a little scrambled, it's a sick day at the Smith house. Thankfully Georgiana's 104.3 temperature broke and Kelly came home from work so I could stay in bed and watch cheesy Christmas movies and rest. Anyway, I definitely feel out of practice with writing, like the first time back to the gym after the holidays sort of feel, cest la vie, this post is what it is and at least I will have something on the blog to remember my first Fall as an official mini-van driving soccer mom. #eatingmywords
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Poor Georgie girl!!! Yay for cheesy Christmas movies :) love the post !!!