17 February 2016

Valentine's Day in Pictures

I am having trouble getting these pictures in any order that actually makes sense. There are quite a few and I am dangerously close to letting a big chunk of time settle in between blog posts. I know from the past, that can be a slippery slope. So, I give you warning, this is a simple post with a bunch of pictures so that when I blink and 3 years have passed, I can look back and remember Valentine's Day 2016.
Saturday the 13th, we got to attend a lovely Valentine's Day luncheon. Georgiana and her sweet friend, Averly play so well together! It is always a treat for them to spend time together. Georgiana even let me put a bow in her hair for the special occasion! She's growing up and these bow days are few and far between. I didn't get a picture of her pants, they are the widest bell bottom shaped denim pants with red and white polka dot bows on the side. They are adorably obnoxious and she most definitely will not wear them to school, "mom, I can't run in these!" She humored me this day, and it brought joy to my momma heart. A friend asked me if they were a fashion trend? To which I replied, "no, just a sign that I've been reading too many Southern blogs, and I am clinging to every little girl moment."
Completely out of order (you were warned). Georgiana enthusiastically writing her Valentine's Day cards, working on her first painted sign and Levi being creative on the floor. Valentine stickers and a distracted mommy equal one very happy 3 year old boy.
 Back to Saturday. On the drive home, Georgiana told me all about how she and Averly were feeding babies and having so much fun. "You know, asking what's 4 plus 6 and going back and forth like that!" I love that these cuties are cuddling babies and honing their math skills at the same time, future modern women right here. :)
 The kids were pretty convinced this was the coolest room ever.
 Hello adorable kiddos.
 Levi was happy to play Legos and hang out by Mr. Oliver. My hunch is these two precious boys will have similar demeanors. Truly sweet boys. 
 Saturday was so much fun, the kids were quite excited for Sunday. Like 6 am excited. So, here we are in all of our 6:20 am glory. Georgiana had secretly made and hid Valentine's Day cards for us. It was just about the sweetest thing, she loves participating and making holidays special. And Levi, on a sugar high just thinking about treats!
 Every bone in my body told me not to post this next one. Puffy, tired, wrinkly and one crazy eyebrow picture. But, I feel like each holiday I am getting closer and closer to editing myself out of the pictures. So, cest la vie, when I am 70 I will laugh that I ever gave it a second thought, or I will think, wow I was brave, haha!
 The common cold rebelled over the weekend and into this week, turning into mid-winter nastiness. I was thankful they opened dvds on Sunday, they've been well used already.
 And some new tunes, this boy was thrilled!
 Pumped about the cd, passionate about the cookies. 
 He calls them Home Depot cookies. Once, maybe twice, he's talked Kelly into buying a roll of cookies I can only think to call vanilla oreos. They are conveniently at the cash register at Home Depot and every single time we are in that store, he begs for them. So, he was sooooo excited to get a giant box! Later in the day, Kelly and Levi went to Home Depot for some lightbulbs and Levi said "I don't have to cry for Home Depot cookies, I have my own at home!"
 Scones, sausage and eggs. He sat here like this while I fixed his plate. His personality is definitely coming out! He politely insisted on two scones, no jam, and then ate an Atkins diet breakfast.
 This girl however is my unintentional vegetarian almost vegan sometimes. She isn't bothered by the concept of eating animals. She will bring it up and try to talk about it while we are eating, which I cannot handle at all. However, there are very few meat proteins she will eat. She will even pick meat out of her spaghetti sauce. As of yet, I haven't even pointed it out to her, but it is quite consistent, so it will be interesting to see how this develops...
 Her little facial expressions. 
 Later, they opened Valentine's Day snail mail, which they LOVE!
Levi: "I earned a toy! Can I take my ticket to go to the store?"
Me: "Your money?"
Levi: "Yes, my ticket money!"
Georgiana: "Is this the 16th president!?!"
Me: "um..."
Me: "Yes, yes it is!"
Obviously I am not the first person to point this out, but isn't it crazy how readily available information is? If the kids have a question, they instantly say, "will you look this up?" Or, Georgiana just starts chatting with Siri about it. I remember we had a set of Encyclopedia Britannica's growing up. I thought it was so much fun to have what felt like endless information lined neatly in alphabetical order by the fireplace. Now, my kids are genuinely puzzled when the world's tiniest phone book is left on our doorstep. 
"What is it?" 
"Why wouldn't you just use your phone?"
Phone book meet recycling bin. 
A different world I tell ya.
 My Georgie girl's memory never ceases to amaze me. She spoke in detail of how she and Levi set the table last year for Valentine's Day. She was so excited to do it again!
 "Please take a picture of just the top of the table, and this sign, without me, just the table!"
 She folded the napkins into hearts. Yep. 
Mini Martha.
 Her assistant. 
They are dressed in this fabulous attire because they were exercising earlier, this was their chosen exercise apparel. Romper and bro-tank in the house.
 A very pink picture with the LOVE banner Georgiana made using the Cricut and the tissue heart from her class party. 
Speaking of class party, my grandma (aka Grandma Grandma) watched Levi so I could help with my full attention. The tissue paper hearts were not for the faint of heart, so it was a good thing I had two hands, and Levi soaked up his Grandma Grandma time. 
This is the sign she made for her teacher.
 The back was my favorite part.
Kelly and I were a little surprised by her name. We had the giggles over it, but don't worry they were concealed, we were very quickly corrected "It's a font."
 For her classmates, Georgiana brought globe beach balls with an adorable Etsy card (link HERE), that said "You Mean the World to Me."
 I was struggling with the fact that the cards and wrap didn't coordinate. So, it became another get over yourself moment. I let it go and remembered that they are Georgiana's Valentines and she was very pleased with them, mission accomplished. 

 He is so snuggly and just melts me.
 She is so strong and thoughtful, she too melts me.
 A facial expression for everything!
 We made Love Monster bags. My friend Jen had an adorable book called Love Monster and we added a little verse to his blue heart. We called it a love badge and it said, "We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19"

 Georgiana's teacher is so creative and I thought this Valentines book was such a neat idea!
 A page for each valentine.
 A little banner. I fear my blog is becoming a Dollar Tree/Walmart documentary. But, if I yet again take a get over yourself moment, I am happy to bring you my $2 banner. 
 I've purchased many sheets of glittery paper in my days, and one 12"x12" sheet can run $2 or more. So, these precut glittery hearts were a great deal. I already had the ribbon, so a few minutes of whole punching and voila!
 Georgiana didn't have school on Friday, so she asked if she could do her own hair and put on makeup? When I showed her this picture, she said "I really like that picture, except for the bath toys in the background." Oh Georgie girl, we are cut from the same cloth.
Georgiana asked me to take her picture and send it to daddy to say "good night." 
Whenever he works late, she always loves to send him texts or videos. Always thinking of him.
 Levi, although incredibly cuddly, has no interest in sending a photo or making a call.
 Lastly, a little President's Day message from Georgiana.
The top of the page says, "Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery. If I were president, I would..."

"make a rule that people don't kill animals if they aren't going to eat the meat."
Hmm... my future political vegetarian. 

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