08 May 2016

Mother's Day

(Picture caption: The day my heart and hands got fuller than I ever dreamed they could be.)
I love mornings. I love watching the day wake up, hearing the early birds (literally), and enjoying a moment of calm before the pace of the day wakes up and is on full blast until the quiet of the night. Levi's feet literally hit the ground running (but only for his jaunt to our room), it's the cutest thing to be able to so easily distinguish between the sounds of he and Georgiana waking up. I want to lock the sounds in my head and my heart. Levi flies into our room, flings the door open (usually smacking it into the wall/door stopper), all business and on a mission, he crawls into our bed (after being helped up) and then cuddles. If he does talk, his voice is extremely loud, which is funny (sometimes) only because the rest of the day, his voice is often so quiet that I have to constantly ask him to please speak up. He will say one of four things: 1. Is my Georgie already in here? 2. Where's my Daddy? (if Kelly's left for work) 3. I need to eat, now. 4. Did I sleep in my bed the whole night!?! (because he wants to earn a prize). Georgiana walks in like she is making a grand entrance, carrying her giant stuffed horse, Kiley, who is literally the size of her, and maybe a stuffed orca or two and possibly a blanket. If she is well rested, she wants to have a quick cuddle and then immediately head down stairs and start the day. She wakes up talking, like literally sometimes wakes up and finishes the last thought she had before bed. I'm not kidding, it's funny and impressive, and sometimes a bit much for 6am, but I wouldn't change her one tiny bit. She too wants to know if Levi is already in our bed, more so because she doesn't want to miss out on anything. If we are downstairs before she wakes up, it just throws her off. Levi could care less. She's my mini me, poor thing. In the midst of trying to navigate how to parent a 5 year old who gets stressed out, I said, "Georgie girl, I didn't learn how to lighten up until I was close to 18, so we've got to work on this now!" Everything is important to her, she's a rule follower, type A, go get em' girl. Which mean she has to be taught (even at 5), how to have grace for herself and those around her. I may have started to ease up in late high school, but I'm still very much learning how to navigate a life filled with grace. Which is one of the reasons I so genuinely laughed and cried through Jen Hatmaker's book, For the Love. I could go on a rabbit trail (a big ol' trail) about how much I truly LOVED this book and am so thankful to the ladies who recommended it to me (when 4 friends recommend something in a 2 week period, listen, God uses those around us), but I'll stick with my morning thoughts before I hear the pitter patter and save it for a post I hope to type up someday. Although quick on his feet, Levi is slow to wake up, he enjoys some minutes without the lights on. His sweet nature has taught me to be more patient with Kelly's lack of get up and go morning habits. It's probably terrible how cute I find Levi's morning routine and how much I tried to change Kelly's when we first got married! Sorry babe! I enjoy lights on in the morning, sorry, I just do. Poor Levi looks like he's been assaulted when the lights are first turned on.
I hear the troops, I just heard a door, my little guy is awake.
Happy Mother's Day mommas! Enjoy the moments today, the calm ones (if any), the loud ones, the fast paced ones and the moment your head hits the pillow ones. And seriously friends, check out Jen Hatmaker's book, I want to have a For the Love night in early summer. Sit around the fire pit (if it's not raining), or cozy up in my family room and chat about the book and life. If you are reading this, you are invited, and so is that friend you think would be fun to bring.
I'm off to say good morning to the troops!


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